As an introduction to tubism we invite you to browse through our catalogue and enjoy interior heating design at its cutting edge. Striving to fulfil the growing demands of those who care passionately about how things `look`, we have taken a necessary functional item and transformed it into a beautiful piece of contemporary furniture.

Located in a tranquil setting in the heart of the National Forest we derive inspiration for our creations by applying an almost organic style to the overall presentation of our radiators. Each of our gorgeous products is individually designed and crafted from stainless steel and is very often the response to a challenge; a difficult space, an unorthodox heating problem or quite simply the desire for something different.

Our portfolio of commissioned works to date are available in a variety of styles, finishes and dimensions and the selection presented here is merely a sample to illustrate our potential and perhaps persuade you to be that little bit more adventurous in your interior heating design.